Access to computer systems and networks owned or operated by The Centre imposes certain

responsibilities and obligations and is granted subject to conditions listed in this policy.

This policy applies to all users who are granted access to The Centre’s computing facilities and resources.

Access is granted solely to employees of The Centre, registered clients, and others designated by The

Centre Management as being in the interest of The Centre. The Centre reserves the right to limit, restrict, or

extend computing privileges and access to its resources.


At all times, The Centre's computer faculties must be used in the interest of their designated purposes, as

set out by The Centre's Management, staff and tutors. Any usage that does not comply with these

designated purposes is considered a breach of this policy, and will be dealt with accordingly.

Violations of this policy may result in the immediate suspension of computer account and network access

pending investigation of circumstances and may lead to their eventual revocation. Serious violations of the

policy will be referred directly to the appropriate outside authorities; unauthorised use of The Centre's

computing facilities can be a criminal offence. The penalties may be as severe as suspension or dismissal

from The Centre and/or criminal prosecution.


Examples of violations to this policy (actual or attempted) include, but are not restricted to:


• Attempting to break into or gain unauthorised access or rights on any computer system or network.

• Accessing, viewing, downloading or using pornographic material of any nature.

• Downloading or viewing any Internet sites or files that are not related directly to The Centre's learning,

  research and commercial activities.

• Accessing or using a protected computer account assigned to another person or sharing a password to

  a protected account with another person.

• Deletion, examination, copying, or modification of network traffic, files and/or data belonging to other

  users without their prior consent.

• Decryption of system or user passwords and files.

• The copying of copyrighted materials, such as CD’s, DVD’s, system files or third party software, without

  the express written permission of the owner of the copyright.

• Connecting any computer to any of The Centre's networks without proper authorisation from the

  appropriate network administrator.

• Loading of software on The Centre's computers without compliance to all licensing requirements. Proof

  of licensing must be readily available.

• Loading of software on The Centre's computers without prior consent from appropriate network administrator.


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